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Scalp micro-pigmentation Haarlem

Semi-permanent make up for men uses cosmetic tattooing techniques combined with technologically advanced equipment, to address common concerns such as;

  • Hair Loss
  • Thin/unsymmetrical eyebrows
  • Superficial scarring

After a detailed consultation has taken place, cosmetic grade pigments are implanted into the skin to address subtle corrections, emulate ultra-fine natural hair strokes or reproduce scalp enhancing modifications, all of which can be designed with effortless ease.


Semi-permanent make up for men uses cosmetic tattooing techniques combined with technologically advanced equipment, to address common concerns such as;

  • Hair Loss
  • Thin/unsymmetrical eyebrows
  • Superficial scarring

After a detailed consultation has taken place, cosmetic grade pigments are implanted into the skin to address subtle corrections, emulate ultra-fine natural hair strokes or reproduce scalp enhancing modifications, all of which can be designed with effortless ease.

For years male actors and celebrities have used permanent make up as a way to improve their appearance and highlight their iconic statement features, however it’s not until recently that the benefits have been embraced by men of all ages, who are fast becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to both enhancing and maintaining their looks.

If you would like to explore in more detail a specific tailor made procedure ranging from the popular ‘guy liner’ to life changing hair follicle simulation and scalp pigmentation package, please get in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation today.



If your confidence is at all time low due to an unwanted receding hairline or premature balding, then help is at hand in the form of medical hairline tattooing also known as scalp micro pigmentation. As an affordable alternative to hair transplant procedures, this specialized technique addresses the problem of baldness, through the replication of natural looking hair follicles, using a patented state of the art roller method and cosmetic grade pigments created by NPM International.

Using an advanced spring system with special needle which has been designed to create a cross-weave pattern into which a colour matched pigment is implanted, the technology is able to provide a subtle yet highly effective transformational look, which emulates the appearance of naturally shaved hair follicles.

In reality many men/ women will notice a gradual thinning or hair line reduction as they age, with some suffering from a more rapid decrease quicker than others. There are a number of factors which may contribute to this ranging from good old fashioned genetics to the use of certain medications, illness, nutritional imbalances or lifestyle choices; however with the invention of scalp tattooing a lack of hair need no longer be an issue which dominates your life.


Scalp micropigmentation (tattooing) also known as ‘Hair Follicle Simulation’ (HFS), offers an exciting new way to disguise baldness, a patch of thinning hair or receding hairline. After use of the roller which creates hundreds of tiny illusionary hair follicles, pigments are applied to add colour and shading to the area, resulting in a naturally looking groomed appearance. So effective is the procedure that many clients comment on how colleagues and friends are astounded by the difference that just a couple of treatments make.

So if you feel that it’s time to wave goodbye to those irritating feelings of self-consciousness and nightmare inflicting images of fly away toupees, then this non-surgical procedure may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Let’s take a look at the treatment itself in more detail by following the three simple steps that I use to turn the clock back to the days when hair was plentiful.


After your initial consultation, patch test, hair line mock up and topical anaesthetic application, I’ll start the procedure with a gentle application of light pigment colour. This will provide a very faint initial impression of natural hair regrown and will be barely visible to the human eye. After this first session I recommend a three week break to let the pigment fully settle before returning to the clinic.


At the second appointment, I’ll add some slightly bolder colours to give the suggestion of a full head of hair and the illusion of dimension and shading. If you have any scars or problem areas, this is the time which those will be addressed, working them into the newly created tattoo to make them as invisible as possible. After this session, I’ll ask you to return in approximately four weeks, for your final treatment.


Now that your tattoo has had time to settle in, I’ll finish it off with one final fill of darker colours and will make any corrections to your hair line by adding specific precision details to ensure that your 100% happy with the end result and ready to embrace a new found freedom and confidence.


With scalp tattooing being a fairly new concept, no doubt you have lots of questions to ask. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, however if after reading through them there are still some topics you’d like addressing, please feel free to get in touch after all the only stupid questions are the ones that you don’t ask.

Q. What is scalp tattooing?
A. Scalp tattooing is a method of replicating your hair follicles to give the impression of a full head of hair. It is a popular treatment with men (and women) who suffer from hair loss and uses cosmetic grade pigments and a series of highly skilled techniques to achieve a flawless, natural finish that you will love.

Q. Why is scalp tattooing becoming so popular?
A. In the past, the only real options available for men who were suffering with hair loss would be to wear an uncomfortable itchy hair piece, or to have painful, invasive hair implants. Thanks to advances in tattooing technology and pigment manufacturing, we are now able to offer a comfortable and affordable alternative that really makes you look great whilst retaining your image and personal style.

Q. Is it suitable for everyone?
A. Yes, scalp tattooing is suitable for all types of baldness, for men and women of all ages, skin colours and hair types. Whether you want to disguise hair loss, cover up a scar or simply volumise your current head of hair, scalp tattooing has the ability to provide first class solutions for your every need.

Q. How long does it last?
A. Scalp tattoos are intended to stay there for life. The treatment uses a special type of pigmentation which will not fade or go green or blue over time. However, you might want to consider a touch up every year to eighteen months, just to keep things looking neat, tidy and refreshed.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Scalp micropigmentation can be perfectly safe when administered by trained professionals, such as those here at Emma Hall Beauty. We use natural pigments to avoid allergic reactions and there are no drugs or medication involved. Our clinic is clean and hygienic, and because the micropigmentation process does not expose your skin to harmful elements, there is little chance of infection occurring. Compared to other treatments for hair loss, scalp tattoos are by far the safest investment.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. The sensation you get when you’re having your treatment could not be described as painful. You might find it irritating, and slightly uncomfortable, but most of our clients barely notice its being done. If you are worried about the pain, we recommend you take paracetamol an hour before your treatment. The good news is that as soon as the treatment stops, any associated discomfort stops; there is no long lasting associated pain or discomfort.

Scalp pigmentatie

Scalp pigmentatie

Met Scalp pigmentatie in Nederland, ook wel bekend als “Stoppeltattoo”, tattooëren we stoppels op uw hoofdhuid. Deze techniek wordt daarnaast ook toegepast wanneer u alleen kale plekken zou willen opvullen. Dit noemen we optische dichtheid en zal er voor zorgen dat de hoofdhuid minder te zien is. Door de scalppigmentatie zal er minder contrast zijn tussen de haarkleur en de huidskleur waardoor de kale plekken niet meer opvallen.

Vaak is het de blanke hoofdhuid wat de aandacht trekt door de haren heen. Wanneer u kiest voor micro haar pigmentatie worden er kleine stoppels geplaatst tussen de bestaande haren. Een micro haarpigmentatie is vandaag de dag de beste MHP behandeling voor mannen en vrouwen met kaalheid, alopecia, dun haar of die last hebben van (veel) haaruitval.

Scalp pigmentatie: kale kruin camoufleren

Wanneer de scalp pigmentatie op een professionele manier wordt uitgevoerd is het eindresultaat verbluffend. Het is dan ook onmogelijk voor buitenstaanders om de haarpigmentatie te herkennen als niet echt. De stoppels zijn zo microscopisch klein en realistisch dat dit de perfecte oplossing is voor het camoufleren van de kaalheid. De scalp pigmentatie techniek is uitstekend geschikt om een kale kruin te camoufleren.

Is scalp pigmentatie voor iedereen mogelijk?

Het opvullen van de haarlijn, kruin of het gehele hoofd is alleen geschikt voor mensen die nog haar hebben. Wanneer uw haar zeer dun is, ofwel u heeft nog ongeveer nog 20% van het haar, dan raden wij aan om het gehele hoofd te pigmenteren (stoppelen). Ons advies is dan om het haar te millimeteren. Je krijgt dan een mooie realistische overgang waardoor de kaalheid verdwijnt.

Scalp pigmentatie tegen kaalheid

Wanneer het haar nog genoeg verdeeld is en langzaam begint uit te dunnen dan is een scalp pigmentatie behandeling de oplossing om de kaalheid te camoufleren. Je kunt het haar ook nog gewoon laten groeien, zodat er optimaal genoten kan worden en je niet met onzekerheid betreft de kaalheid rond hoeft te lopen. Wanneer u uiteindelijk toch echt kaler wordt, dan raden wij u aan om de haarlook hier op aan te passen door het haar korter te gaan dragen.

In de toekomst wanneer dus daadwerkelijk de kaalheid door gaat zetten kunt u dan de micro haar pigmentatie perfectioneren naar een kortere look. Hiermee blijft de kaalheid dus eigenlijk weg.

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“I have had my lips and brows recently tattooed by Amie! Hands down, this is the greatest thing I have done! Amie is just pure talent, she knows her stuff! Any questions or worries I had she was always so quick to respond and put my mind at ease! I cannot recommend her enough… you definitely will not be disappointed!”

– Stacey Jayne Grey –


“I had an absolutely wonderful eyebrow tattooing experience with Amie. She paid close attention to detail and gave me the dream eyebrows I’ve always wanted. I’ve also had heaps of compliments from friends and family. Highly recommend Amie to everyone!”

– Yung-Chi Chang –


“Loving my new brows and Lips! I’m so impressed with the attention to detail given and the skill Amie has! She genuinely wants perfection and was so kind with how nervous I was, she really put me at ease. Strongly recommend booking in!”

– Anna van Dijk –



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